- Are many popular mouthwash brands really ineffective?

Yes they are. Most mouthwash brands only focus on killing bad breath germs, but not preventing it. This is why you still wake up in the morning with bad breath. What’s the point of killing bad breath germs when they can come back? Elimination plus prevention is the answer.

- Since most of the bad breath bacteria live inside the surface of the tongue, is using a tongue cleaner effective enough?

Bad breath bacteria are located all throughout your mouth, especially in the back of the tongue and the throat. Tongue cleaners effectiveness is limited, as it only targets the bad breath bacteria on your tongue. Also, tongue cleaners only go over the top of the tongue, but bad breath bacteria are located within the surface of the tongue.

PureOxyWash is complete in that it targets all bad breath bacteria all throughout your mouth, including your tongue and throat, by not only eliminating it, but also preventing it. A tongue cleaner can’t prevent bad breath bacteria from coming back. A tongue cleaner is best used before using the Elimination Wash as it exposes the bad breath bacteria within the surface of the tongue for it to be eliminated.

- What separates PureOxyWash from other mouthwashes.

PureOxyWash is unique in that it is more affordable and comes in a huge quantity that can lasts for months. Indeed, PureOxyWash is more cost effective.

PureOxyWash is also more effective as it works right away, while some brands can take up to a few weeks. PureOxyWash also doesn’t need to be used with a special toothpaste.

Some brands offer mouthwashes that is only effective if it is used in conjunction with a separate toothpaste that needs to be purchased separately. With some brands, using a regular toothpaste actually interferes with the mouthwash.

PureOxyWash offers you a more cost effective, long lasting mouthwash that is reliable.

- How long does the shipping process take.

It takes only a few days on average.

- How much does PureOxyWash cost and how long does it last?

PureOxyWash costs $12.95 and $5.75 for shipping through PayPal and $15.95 and $5.60 for shipping through Amazon and it can last for a month or two.

- Are purchases secure on this site?

Yes. Security on this site is top notch as delivered by Verisign, PayPal and Amazon. Click on our authentication certification seals at the homepage.

- Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes. If PureOxyWash failed to meet your expectations, simply return the bottles (even if they’re empty) within 60 days for a no hassle refund of your purchase minus shipping and handling.

- Is PureOxyWash available at stores?

No. Selling it online gives you the best price possible as that eliminates retail cuts.

- Is it necessary to stay on PureOxyWash?

Bad Breath germs reproduce about every 10 hours so it’s necessary to stay on PureOxyWash.

- Is it necessary to gargle?

Yes, that is crucial as most bad breath bacteria are in the back of your tongue and throat.

- Does PureOxyWash even work for morning breath?

Yes. Use it before you go to sleep, and you’ll wake up with fresh breath.

- Do I have bad breath?

Everyone has bad breath because everyone carries the bacteria that causes bad breath. Brushing your teeth, using mint, using popular mouthwash brands, dont effectively deal with the problem. They either temporarily deal with the problem or just cover up the problem.

- Does PureOxyWash burn?

No it doesn’t. PureOxyWash doesn’t have excessive alcohol. Mouthwashes with high alcohol content could possibly give you oral cancer. The high alcohol content also dries out your mouth, which can cause bad breath.

- Do you get a nasty and/or “metallic” aftertaste from using PureOxyWash?

No. After using PureOxyWash you will experience a pure fresh feeling.

- Is it necessary to use a half oz dose of Elimination Wash and the Prevention Wash for 2 mns?

It is necessary to use a half oz, but it’s not necessary to use it for 2mns. If you get results by using it less then 2 mns, then that’s just fine. If you get results by using it for 30 seconds for example then you are good to go. The two minute time recommendation is basically a general time given out to cover all the bases. It would also be wise to use it for 2 mns just as you are starting out on PureOxyWash. As explained in the “about bad breath” section, PureOxyWash changes the environment in your mouth from one that supports the growth of bad breath bacteria to one that doesn’t, so it’s recommended that you use it for the maximum time so you’ll be off to a powerful start.

- Are there any other ways where people still suffer from bad breath?

Unfortunately one can still experience bad breath due to hunger, and the trick with that is that one can be hungry and not feel it yet. One can also get bad breath by eating certain foods such as garlic and onions, certain medications and medical conditions as well.

- How fast does it start working?

PureOxyWash works right away, but for those with severe bad breath, it may take a few days or perhaps a week.

- Are there any other benefits from using PureOxyWash?

Yes, it also brightens your teeth. It might also prevent cavities and gum disease and reverse gum disease. Cavities is caused by bacteria which chip away at your tooth. And as explained in the “explaining bad breath” section, gum disease happens due to the accumulation of bacteria above the gum line. Since PureOxyWash is able to prevent bad breath bacteria, one could assume that it’s powerful enough to get rid of the bacteria that causes cavities and gum disease. This hasn’t been tested yet and study will be done on this in the future to verify whether it’s true.

- Gargling with the Prevention Wash is kind of hard.

Many people find it a bit hard to gargle with the Prevention Wash because it kind of tickles, but after using it for a while, you’ll get used to it.