Everyone has bad breath because everyone carries the bacteria that causes bad breath. Bad breath is caused by anaerobic sulfur producing bacteria. These bacteria are naturally occurring. They live inside the surface of the tongue, mostly in the back, and in the throat.




Anaerobic sulfur producing bacteria are there to help in the digestion process by dissolving proteins found in blood, phlegm, mucous and food. At some point, this process happens in a high pace, which then results into halitosis, bad breath. One can also experience bad breath due to hunger, and the trick to that is that one can be hungry and not feel it yet.

One can also experience bad breath due to certain foods such as garlic and onions, certain medications and medical conditions as well. A partially impacted wisdom teeth for example may cause bad breath due to the overgrowth of anaerobic bacteria in the built-in pocket between the gums and the crown of the tooth. It’s important to understand that bad breath is not a disease or a symptom of bad health. Everybody has anaerobic sulfur producing bacteria. They are a natural part of our mouth.