Facts about Bad Breath

People Wont Tell Uou Uhat You Have Bad Breath Fact # 1 =
People wont tell you that you have bad breath.
It's Hard to Detect Your Own Bad Breath Fact # 2 =
It’s hard to detect your own bad breath.
You Can't Test to See Whether You Have Bad Breath Fact # 3 =
You can’t test to see whether you have bad breath by breathing or blowing into your hand. You dont use your throat the same you do when you breathe and talk. Talking brings all the odors from the back of your mouth, where most bad breath originates, while breathing and blowing doesn’t. Also, people tend to get used to their own smells.
You Can Get Bad Breath from Being Hungry Fact # 5 =
You can get bad breath from being hungry.
Bad Breath Bacteria Fact # 6 =
Most of the bad breath bacteria are located in the back of your tongue.
Drinking Water Fact # 7 =
Drinking water can help in giving you fresh breath. Dry mouth is often a cause of bad breath, so it’s important to keep your mouth moisturized.
Strongest Sense Fact # 8 =
Sense of smell it the strongest sense tied to memory. So a bad smell from you will leave a permanent negative impression about you.
Bad Breath Fact # 9 =
Bad breath is not caused by poor dental hygiene. You can brush your teeth 10 times a day and still get bad breath.